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XPT…The World’s First Omnidirectional Smith Machine


XPT, the world’s first omnidirectional smith machine. Becoming a personal trainer requires a tremendous time investment of studying how to help others achieve optimal health and wellness. Personal trainers learn about various topics like, kinesiology (how the body works), hypertrophy (muscle growth), and the proper techniques of specific exercises. They become excellent resources for their clients. That is until they enter into the weight room. This is when the trainer now has to juggle between safety and teaching proper technique. Splitting time as a part-time spotter and a part-time trainer diminishes the trainer’s impact during the training session.

For example, when doing squats, sitting into your hips while keeping your knees behind your toes and proper knee traction are essential. If not, the lifter will place far too much stress on their knees resulting in serious or nagging knee injuries. The only way to gauge this is by observing the lifter from different angles. Standing in one place while spotting, blinds the trainer from seeing many important details during a training session.

When customizing a workout regimen, addressing the client’s movement deficiencies is a valuable service. But, if the trainer is not in position to diagnose the client’s movement patterns, then how is the trainer going to know what to correct? They won’t know unless they are guessing. This is where the trainer is handcuffed.

If the trainer doesn’t have to spot then their expertise can be better used. However, this is unsafe and irresponsible to do with traditional free weights. But, not with the XPT, the world’s first omnidirectional smith machine. The XPT is the fitness industry’s only weight lifting machine that gives the user the same muscle toning benefits as free weights without the need for a spotter. With the XPT, trainers can put to practice all the knowledge that they had studied so hard to acquire. Leading to far more valuable training sessions for their clients. The trainer can now be fully engaged in training instead of being tied up with spotting duties.

The XPT enables the trainer to take their clients through the most effective training session. Now trainers can do the very thing that they aspired to do from the beginning. That is to build and carry-out the most effective personalized workout plans to empower their clients to achieve their personal fitness goals.

The XPT is an ideal solution for all gyms especially those that are open 24/7. Having an XPT is like employing a 24/7 spotter that never gets tired or distracted. Club owners can now offer more than just single station machines for the sake of safety. Their members can now enjoy the valuable results of free weight lifting even in a empty gym. It’s a win for both parties and a loss for those lawsuit happy lawyers.

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