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Gym goers save man with a defibrillator after he went into cardiac arrest at Anytime Fitness

A GYM-GOER is expected to make an extraordinary recovery after fellow members revived him with a defibrillator in a Brisbane gym.

Matthew Keeffe was working out on a rowing machine at Anytime Fitness at MacGregor on March 26 when he went into cardiac arrest, his wife Karen said.

Personal trainer Michael Powell said he noticed Mr Keeffe fall off the machine and ran to his aid, with other gym users rushing to help.

“The woman next to me started helping and we put him on his back,” Mr Powell said. “One of the ladies got on the phone and we gave him a zap with the defibrillator. I just remembered my training and never worried or was scared.

“We all stayed confident and worked together.”

Mrs Keeffe said her husband, 62, was expected to be released from hospital yesterday or today and doctors had predicted he would make a full recovery.

Mr Keeffe has been walking and talking in hospital. Picture: Supplied.
“I’m just very glad and very grateful,” Mrs Keeffe said. “The doctors said Matthew wouldn’t have been revived if it hadn’t been for the other gym members.

“We haven’t met those gym members yet but we would certainly like to once Matthew’s out of hospital.”

Mrs Keeffe said her husband was already walking and talking, and would eventually be allowed to return to the gym.

“It was quite a shock with it happening to someone as fit as Matthew,” she said.

“He’ll be keen to get back into it. He’s had a defibrillator installed, it’s like a pacemaker. That means he won’t be able to go on the rowing machine any more, just because of where it is placed in his body.

“But he’ll be able to do some weights and cardio.”

Anytime Fitness MacGregor manager Israel Rapata said he was proud of the way the gym members came together to help Mr Keeffe.

“It makes you proud to know that members of the gym supported each other like that,” he said.